“Heritage Transmission, Beautiful China”Symposium held in Dengfeng city
From:WHITRAP Shanghai   PublishDate:2013-07-15  Hits:1363

On 14th July, the “Heritage Transmission, Beautiful China” Symposium hosted by CPPCC National Committee of Cultural and Historical Data and co-organized by WHITRAP Shanghai was held in one of the World Heritage Site of Dengfeng city in Henan Province. More than 130 participants, including heads of regional CPPCC and managers from heritage sites, as well as experts and scholars attended the conference to discuss on the concerns regarding protection and transmission of world heritage. Doctor Li Xin, the Deputy Director of WHITRAP Shanghai made a report of WHITRAP`s mid-term strategy in the meeting.

Mr. Shan Jixiang, President of China Cultural Heritage Association and Director of the Palace Museum, pointed out in his keynote speech that special attention to authenticity and integrity of heritage is required in conservation and protection so as to preserve the historic information to the greatest extent. The participants had in-depth discussions on an arrange of topics such as balance between heritage protection and tourism development, construction of warning and monitoring system for world heritage sites, promotion of heritage management, etc. An “Dengfeng Proposal on World Heritage Protection” was adopted by the end of the conference, aiming to advocate a scientific protection, efficient management and rational utilization of world heritage in the entire society and to contribute to both cultural and natural eco-civilization and sustainable development of Chinese culture.

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