the 3rd Workshop of "Towards a Nordic-Baltic Pilot Region of World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism" in Stockholm
From:WHITRAP Shanghai   PublishDate:2014-03-20  Hits:2993

20-21 March, on behalf of WHITRAP Dr. Ping Kong participated the third workshop on "Towards a Nordic-Baltic pilot region of World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism" organized by the Nordic World Heritage Foundation (NWHF) in Stockholm Sweden, hosted by the Swedish National Heritage Board. The ‘World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme’ is part of the cooperative framework between NWHF and WHITRAP to support this UNESCO Strategic programme with cross-regional studies.

Drawing upon the Periodic Reporting exercise and experience of the Nordic-Baltic region, this workshop reviewed the Analytical Framework, which functions as a checklist regarding sustainable tourism at World Heritage sites and helps to identify gaps in tourism management. Peter Debrine from UNESCO WHC briefly introduced the drafted "How To" Guides and invited inputs from the sites to enrich the Guides with inspirations and insightful experiences. This Guides is expected to be an online tool to assist the development of tourism strategies employing a destination approach with illustrations from Nordic-Baltic case studies.

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