International Workshop held at Honghe Hani to Discuss about the Successful Path to the Sustainable Development of Hani Terrace
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An international workshop on Sustainable Development of Honghe-Hani Terrace Cultural Landscape was held on 30 October 2014 in Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture. More than 40 experts and scholars from China, Denmark, Japan, Vietnam, Italy, France, Thailand, India, Germany, Philippine, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Malaysia and Norway attended the workshop, to discuss on the successful path to the sustainable development of Hani Terrace Cultural Landscape and to provide experience in this regard for other world heritage sites in the world. The workshop was organized by State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, and was hosted together by Cultural Relics Bureau of Yunnan Province and People’s Government of Honghe Hani & Yi Autonomous Prefecture with the support of ICOMOS China. The workshop aims to learn from the advanced concepts and approaches in the world to effectively protect and inherit both tangible and intangible heritage of Hani Terrace Cultural Landscape and to deal with the pressure from tourism development by conducting comprehensive researches through case studies to identify feasible methods which see a combination of the conservation with utilization of the unique local cultural traditions.

Hani Terrace of Honghe was inscribed into the World Heritage List on the 37th Session of World Heritage Committee held in 2013 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The contradictions between conservation and development seem to be inevitable when the tourism starts to develop at Hani Terrace. Thus a sustainable Hani Terrace can be achieved only through a scientific and rational development. Terraced cultural landscape is a type of agricultural and cultural landscape developed by human beings through specific ways of farming in mountainous region. It is all over the world but the most concentrated in Asia. The formation, conservation, management and sustainable development of this particular type of cultural landscape are closely related to the unique cultural traditions of the terrace. World Heritage Committee in its resolution requires to organize an international workshop on the management of cultural landscape of Hani Terrace so as to share its experience to other sites in Asia which are faced with similar challenges.

The workshop invited representatives from UNESCO Beijing Office, advisory bodies of World Heritage Committee including ICOMOS and ICCROM. Representatives from professional committees on cultural landscape, historical villages and towns and vernacular architecture, as well as those from different countries in Asia joined together and discussed on topics including: conservation and management of cultural landscape, case study, cultural traditions and the conservation of diversity of terraced cultural landscape, as well as its sustainable ecological tourism. The workshop concluded by a proposal of Honghe Recommendations on the Sustainable Development of Terraced Cultural landscapes, with the hope to contribute to the conservation of terraced cultural landscape and its sustainable development around the globe.
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