Guangzhou Roundtable on Historic Urban Landscape (HUL), “Exploring the Role of Public Participation and Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Heritage Management”
  PublishDate:2014-12-12  Hits:2846
From December 11 to 12 a roundtable on HUL approach took place in Guangzhou to discuss how different stakeholders and entrepreneurs can participate of heritage management of this city. Local experts coming from the Department of Anthropology of Sun Yat-sen University, the Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong Province - Division of Social Development and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center in Guangzhou participated of this debate, giving a specific context of Guangzhou situation regarding conservation and public participation processes. Furthermore, Dr. Ron van Oers from WHITRAP (Shanghai) introduced the HUL approach and professor Kenneth Taylor form ANU gave an introduction to the rapidly transforming historic urban landscapes in China and Asia, while Ms. Susan FAYAD from the City of Ballarat in Australia and Mr. Krzysztof Chuchra from the City of Edinburgh in Scotland, presented different experiences of public-private partnerships in the management urban heritage. Mr. Harry Den Hartog from Tongji University presented changes of identity within the context of Shanghai’s development processes. The event was counted with the participation of different stakeholders of the city.
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