“Urban Rings” Activities - Discovering Xuhui Hengshan-Fuxing Historic District
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On October 14, 2007, the "Urban Rings" volunteer team of the students from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University carried out a spectacular urban walking event. During the 4-hour event, the team led about 20 families through the streets of Xuhui District. The event not only enabled the children and their parents to get physically exercised, but also provided them with a taste of the unique style of Xuhui architecture as well as the old Shanghai style concentrated in the buildings.

At 13:50 p.m., volunteers and family members gathered under Xujiahui Catholic Church. Qiao Yu, a student volunteers from CAUP explained in plain language the beauty of the Xujiahui Catholic church from styles and aesthetic features of it.


The team arrived at the monastery inside the area of Xuhui District Government afterwards. The children were divided into groups to start a game called finger-guessing with the "angel". The groups also assembled the puzzles made in the images of Xujiahui Observatory, West Lake apartment and Shanghai Community Church. In the game time, the college volunteers used old buildings in Xuhui District as examples to illustrate proper attitudes towards the transformation of the old architectures and to trigger deeper understanding of the participants. The participants were actively involved in the game with enthusiasm and also grasped preliminary information on the three spots they were about to visit through puzzles.



After the game session, the team went to Xujiahui Observatory, West Lake Apartment and Shanghai Community Church in a joyful atmosphere. The volunteers introduced the history, architectural features and other aspects of each building. For example, they explained the Roman architectural style and the history of Chinese meteorology shown by the Xujiahui Observatory, the architectural style of the West Lake apartment, as well as the Gothic style of the Shanghai Community Church and the modern Chinese history lies in it. At the end of the event, the groups gathered at Hengshan Road subway station, drawing the event to a successful conclusion.


The event showed the children and their parents around the classic streets of Xuhui District and provided them an opportunity to appreciate buildings with a variety of styles. The participants was not only enriched in knowledge, but also in a memory of the city. The walking event which assimilated recreation into education allowed the children and their parents to witness the precipitation of the old buildings with their own eyes, so that the urban ring could be engraved in the hearts of the participants.


On this Saturday afternoon(21st, October), the "Urban Rings" volunteer team will carry out another walking event on North Sichuan Road, Hongkou District, leading the family to Yokohama Bridge, Yuqing Neighborhood, Yongle Neighborhood and Xue Mansion.


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