The Way Forward
Release date :2019-03-14 Views: 1738
Heritage Impact Assessment is the priority theme at WHITRAP. Research, training and publication will be designed regularly to address impact assessments. In relation to training, WHITRAP will continue to cooperate with ICCROM to provide high quality training courses on impact assessments at the international level. IAH training dedicated to the context of China has also been taken into consideration. The course will still strive to bridge the gap of natural and cultural heritage, utilizing case studies to make it more applicable and practical. On the other hand, WHITRAP will be able to offer consultation and guidance to World Heritage sites on issues related to impact assessments. 

Regarding the publication, WHITRAP is planning to publish a guidebook which will explain the updated ICOMOS HIA Guidelines (2014) in the context of China and incorporate a series of previous cases mentioned in the past training courses as well as other operations, stressing the effectiveness, feasibility and adaptability. 

IUCN-ICCROM World Heritage Leadership Programme has long recognized impact assessments as a very significant part of heritage management. Currently ICOMOS, IUCN, and ICCROM, the three advisory bodies to the World Heritage Committee, in collaboration with the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) are working together to update the existing guidelines that address impact assessment principles and procedures for World Heritage. The collaboration with IAIA will enable to gather the input from impact assessment practitioners operating outside the World Heritage sector to review the heritage procedures with fresh eyes and apply the latest developments in applying EIA practices. As the new guidelines are developed, capacity building courses will also be designed and organized to disseminate the content. WHITRAP is recognized as a key partner in the process of developing the new guidelines but also in delivering the content through capacity building activities, as WHITRAP is an institution which has continued to host courses on impact assessments regularly, accumulating valuable experience.

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