Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
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Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is adopted by the General Conference of the UNESCO at its 33rd session in Paris on 20 October 2005.


The Convention, referring to thr provisions of Universal Declaration on Cultural Divesityof 2001, affirms that cultural diversity, as a defining characteristic of humanity, forms a common heritage of humanity, which is embodied in the uniqueness and plurality of the identities and cultural expressions of the peoples and societies making up humanity. This Convention also recognizes the importance od traditional knowledge as a source of intangible and material wealth, and in particular the knowledge systems of indigenous people.


This Convention is aimed to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions, to create the conditions for cultures to florish and to freely interact, and to encourage dilogues among cultures.


This Convention defines cultural diversiyu as the manifold ways in which the cultures of groups and societies find expression, which are passed on within and among groupsand societies. It also defines relevant items such as cultural content, cultural industries and cultural expressions.


For the purpose of this Convention, Parties shall

1)   1. Endeavour to create in their territory an environment which encourages individuals and social roups to create,produce, disseminate, distribute and have access to their own cultural expressions ;

2)   2. Take measures, in an appropriate manner, to protect the diversity of cultural expressions, which may be threatened by the possibility of extinction or seriuos impairment;

3)   3.  Provide appropriate information on measures taken to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions within their territory and at the international level ;

4)   4.  Encourage and promote understanding of the importance of the protection and promotion of the diversity of culturalexpressions, inter alia, through educational and preater public awareness programs, and cooperate with international organizations in achieving the purpose of this Convention ;

5)   5. Integrate culture in their development policies at all levels for the creation of conditions conducive

to sustainable develoment;

6)   6. Establish an International Fund for Cultural Diversity ;

7)   7. Establish a Conference of Parties, which provides volluntary contributions on a regular basis towards the implementation of this Convention.



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