Place Making: Living Urban Heritage
From: Indian Institute for Human Settlements   PublishDate:2013-07-29  Hits:1408
Date: 29 July – 2 August, 2013
Venue: Bangalore
Organizer: Indian Institute for Human Settlements

This course aims to address these issues by enabling an approach among practitioners that aligns development and conservation paradigms. It aims to build perspective on how to identify, understand and relate to historical spaces by re-examining the values associated with them. The objective is to understand how to address conservation issues of monumental and non- monumental scale in urban spaces which are part of a range of social, economic and cultural inter-linkages. By applying contemporary perspectives on heritage, and applying techniques that enable the modification of these living heritage spaces to suit present needs, we will greatly enhance not only their economic value, but also help in the creation of culturally vibrant and visually enriched cities.

For more Information: http://www.iihs.co.in/programmes/upp/pm-lhus/
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