Materials and Techniques for the Restoration of Monument
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MARE.14 is a constitutional course for architects, restorers, engineers, archaeologists, conservators, professionals and other scientists, focusing on materials and techniques for the conservation and retrofitting of heritage structures, based on the principles of Compatibility and Durability.

Theory and Practice (Laboratory and Field):
- Basics on principles and demands of restoration
- Integrated strategy for developing proper repair materials
- Problems and damages of heritage structures
- Non destructive techniques of diagnosis
- Design of compatible, effective, long-lasting repair materials
- Quality control of raw materials
- Manufacture of repair materials and criteria of acceptance
- Application techniques of repair materials
- Monitoring of repair materials behavior after interventions
- Life cost and Life cycle analysis

Participants will become skilful in designing, manufacturing, testifying and applying on the site compatible and long-lasting repair materials. A certificate of attendance will be awarded by the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies AUTH.

Duration: 6-20 July 2014 (15 days)
Location: Archaeological site of Dion
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Accomodation: Dion University excavation hosts
Language: English
Application deadline: 31 April 2014




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