Call for PAPER and SPATIAL DESIGN for 6th Urban Space and Social Life International Conference
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Date: June 6-11, 2015
Locations: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong;Zhuhai Radio & TV University, Zhuhai; University of Macau, Macau

World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region (Shanghai);
Sociology Department, University of Macau;
Public Policy Department and Department of English, City University of Hong Kong; Zhuhai Radio & TV University;
Sociology Department, University of Edinburgh

Keynote speakers:
Carlos Wong Ph.D., Chairman of CBJ Ocean Platform Engineering Corp., China
Prof. James Kennedy, Sociology, University of Edinburgh, UKProf. Gregory A. Katsas, Sociology, The American College of Greece, Greece

The 4C5M Studio’s 6th Urban Space and Social Life conference invites papers and spatial design that explore the relationship between projects in city and identities. Projects in city include infrastructure (hardware), policies (software) and all things in between. Multi-dimensional identity includes, but is not limited to, cultural, ethnic, gender, class, and place. Case studies and theories in forms of papers and spatial designs which reflect the relationship between projects and identities from international scholars, professionals, business sector and government sectors will stimulate our understanding of and the practice of this important topic.

We accept two types of presentations: paper and spatial design. Papers refer to any regular theoretical, and analytical oral presentation. Spatial design* can be delivered in paper sessions or poster/exhibition format. Other than presenting the issues, design posters should emphasize the design solutions and spatial implementations presented in A1 format limited to 5 (five) A1 sheets. More updates on spatial design will be posted on our website.
The sub-themes will be divided into the following categories, but are not limited to imagination:
- Infrastructure
- Policies
- Heritage and collective memory
- Business development
- Green (environmental sustainable) projects
- Tourism
- Housing
- Others

The conference locations provide an excellent platform to ponder our themes. The longest sea bridge in the world is now being built to connect Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macau by 2016. Costing $ HK 25 billion, this mammoth project will have three lanes in each direction and will be a total of 29.6 km in length. The bridge that will carry 60,000 cars and trucks a day will further integrate the three cities in the region. How will this project impact on Hong Kong’s cultural identity? After all, Hong Kong is about to become and “adult”. It will celebrate its 18th birthday in 2015 as a Special Administrative Region of China since it ceased to be a British colony in 1997. Yet its people are still struggling to adjust their contested cultural/place identity. And how does the bridge impact the lives of the people in these three cities? How does this development shape the contemporary Chinese cultural/place identity? We welcome papers that explore the examples above and their specific cases around the world.

Important Dates (East Standard Time in North America):
- March 31, 2015,Deadline for panel proposal / abstract submission
- Abstract acceptance,Notification of acceptance would be issued within one week upon abstract submission. Visa for China could be processed asap.
- April 10, 2015, Registration open, US$450 for one presenter or attendee for three cities; US$400 for two cities; US$200 for a companion who may not present a paper or participate in any session.
- May 15, 2015, Late Registration starts, US$530 for one presenter for three cities, US$480 for two cities; US$300 for a companion.
- June 6-11, 2015, Conference: June 6–7 in Hong Kong; June 8–9 in Zhuhai; June 10-11 in Macau; June 11 evening back to Hong Kong.
Registration fee includes coaches from venue to venue, tea breaks, field trips and a lunch. Participants are encouraged to try out the outstanding local food.

Please submit the name (s) of the author(s), affiliation, title with an abstract or a panel proposal abstract with its papers’ abstracts to urbanspace2015@4c5mstudio.org by March 31, 2015. All abstracts and proposals should be within 200 words. Participants are welcome to form their own panel focusing on a specific topic. The requirements for the panel abstract are the same for regular paper’s abstract.A short 2,000 words paper should be submitted to urbanspace2015@4c5mstudio.orgbefore May 31, 2015, should the authors want their proceedings published by 4C5M Studio. The abstracts and proceedings will be indexed by EBSCO, and will also be submitted to other relevant databases. Please direct any question to urbanspace2015@4c5mstudio.org or to Prof. Ho Hon Leung at hohon.leung@oneonta.edu.
Learn more about 4C5M Studio http://4c5mstudio.org.

**The format of an abstract should be in Times New Roman, pt 12. The elements in the abstract are in the following order and aligned to the left:
- Author(s): use an “ * ” to indicate the presenter
- Affiliation(s)
- Title of the paper
- 200 words abstract
- 4 keywords

Proposed Publications:
Our 6th conference in 2015 seeks several possible edited volumes and journal special issues:

1) Depending on the themes from the submitted papers, the conference will work with selected journal(s) for themed special issue(s), and edited volumes in book format through established publishers.

2) The Practice of Contemporary Chinese Cultural Identity
The aim of this proposed book is to explore how the contemporary China practices its cultural identity. Nationalism and cultural identity are discourse. The use of these concepts is subject to change across time and the practice of the agents. The recent rapid development of China has laid a milestone in global politics and economics. However, relatively few studies focus on the cultural aspects of contemporary Chinese nationalism and cultural identity. This book attempts to fill a major gap in the literature. The expression of nationalism and cultural identity, particularly in the context of socialism with Chinese characteristics and globalization, is explored through films, architecture, re-development of traditional brand names, preservation and tourism, the Confucius Institute, Chinese cultural practices in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, to name a few approaches.
The Hong Kong University Press has already expressed interest in publishing this volume.

3) By the similar token, the conference would also like to attract papers focusing on the contemporary Greek cultural identity. While voluminous studies examining the ancient and classical Greece are available, the contemporary Greek cultural identity is also under researched. An edited volume to compare China and Greece, two foundations of Eastern and Western civilizations respectively, should be exciting in way to compare how they practice their cultures in the 21st century.

4) To view the conference’s upcoming publications, please visit:http://www.4c5mstudio.org/project/urban-space-and-social-life-conference-publications/.

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