From Survey to the Project: Heritage & Historical Town Centres
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Participants in the Main Hall of Regional Government of Tuscany

Opening speech by Mr. Claudio Martini, President of Regional Government of Tuscany


Traditional wood craft in Piacenti Centre of Restoration

The ten days seminar on 'From Survey to the Project' was successfully completed in Florence on 25th Oct 2007. Ms. Kong participated this seminar on behalf of WHITR-AP and developed deep appreciation of Italian approach on restoration and conservation. The program is organized by the Regional Government of Tuscany, Italian Trade Commission, and University of Florence and involves many Tuscan institutes and businesses. It aims to promote and develop cultural cooperation between China and Italy. The intense program consists of presentations related to documentation, management, conservation and promotion of heritage, field study to heritage sites, such as Montepulciano, Prato, Pistoria, and Pisa, and on-site visit to specialized restoration companies and laboratories, such as Cooperative Archeologia in charge of the restoration of front façade of S. Firenze, Piacenti repairing the fresco of Bernardino Poccetti etc.

It is a very fruitful experience to understand better the Italian attitude and method for heritage conservation. Meanwhile, the further contact with University of Florence and other institutes create potential opportunities for cooperation in the field of cultural heritage conservation.

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