Principals and Teachers from Sichuan Province-Took part in a Training Course in WHITR-AP (Shanghai)
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Prof. RUAN Yisan

Shanghai Charity Foundation, Shanghai Education Committee and Sichuan Education Committee co-organized the activity themed 'Love Makes City More Beautiful — Summer Camp for principals and teachers from Shanghai and Sichuan Province', in order to improve the education of elementary and junior schools in Sichuan Province after its earthquake and to carry out mental guidance training for both teachers and students from Sichuan Province..

On August 1st 2008, as an important part of this activity, about 100 principals and teachers from Dujiangyan City and Beichuan paid a visit to WHITR-AP (Shanghai), to acquire some knowledge of the theories and examples of cultural heritage conservation. Moreover, Prof. RUAN Yisan delivered a lecture on 'Protection of Chinese Urban Heritage and its Rational Use', which made all the participants better understand the preservation work, and they also proposed many suggestions on protecting their local cultural heritage after the lecture.
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