WHITR-AP(Shanghai)conducted a case study tour to Mt.San Qingshan and Mt.Dragon and Tige
  PublishDate:2008-09-13  Hits:1732
From Aug. 18th to 20th, 2008, WHITR-AP(Shanghai)conducted a case study tour to Mt. San Qingshan, and Mt.Dragon and Tiger, both located in Jiangxi Province. Mt. San Qingshan was inscribed on the World Heritage Sites in July, 2008, while Mt. Dragon and Tiger was among the tentative List of China. Delegates from Shanghai institute also paid a visit to the Management Committee of Mt. San Qingshan, and related Bureaus of Planning, Construction, Tourism, etc. During the visit, discussion about the details in the process of application for World Heritage and its management measures, as well as the existing problems and solutions were made.
In the Mt. Dragon and Tiger scenic spot, delegates met the director of World Heritage Application Office, and reached a preliminary agreement for possible future cooperation as well as the related work in World Heritage application.
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