Main Lectures for the MPCH Training Course
  PublishDate:2008-10-14  Hits:1611
The MPCH Training Course will be launched from 24 Nov. to 5 Dec. The lectures will be focused on principles, methodology, analysis and procedures for preparing an appropriate management plans. During the course, UNESCO's latest development in field of world heritage will also be discussed. The main lectures include:

a. Introduction to the international context of world heritage conservation
b. Introduction to the World Heritage Convention
c. Basic principles and definitions of heritage management
d. Development of management plans for heritage sites
e. Participatory management approaches
f. Understanding and expressing of heritage values
g. Authenticity and integrity
h. Deciding on the boundaries of heritage sites
i. Legal and administrative context of heritage sites
j. Documentation of the site
k. Tools for analysis of key issues affecting the site
l. Disaster risk reduction of cultural heritage
m. Developing responses to management issues
n. Principles of monitoring
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