2009 Workshop on ‘the Post-earthquake Rescuing and Preservation of Sichuan Cultural Relics’ Held in Chengdu
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On March 12th 2009, the workshop and mobilization for the post-earthquake conservation and rescue projects was held in Chengdu. Mr. CAI Wu (Deputy Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee), Mr. SHAN Jixiang (Director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage) and Ms. HUANG Yanrong (Deputy governor of Sichuan Province) attended the meeting and presented speeches.

The representatives of Sichuan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage summarized the conservation and rescue projects in 2008, and then proposed their working schedule for the coming year. After the ‘5.12’ earthquake in Sichuan Province, the local government, under the auspices of SACH, compiled ‘Conservation and Rescue Planning for Cultural Relics in the Post-earthquake areas’ and put forward relative measures. Expert team for conservation and rescue was formed immediately after the earthquake and several restoration and rescue projects have been launched, such as ‘Dujiangyan Ancient Building Complex’ and ‘Taoping Village of Qiang Minorities’ etc.
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