ICCROM Course Announcement: Reducing Risks to Collections
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Application deadline: May 15, 2009

DATES: 7-25 September 2009 (three weeks)
PLACE: Beijing, China

SACH, State Administrator of Cultural Heritage, China
CACH, China Academy of Cultural Heritage
ICCROM International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
With the collaboration of:
CCI Canadian Conservation Institute
ICN Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage

Co-organized for the first time with the Chinese State Administrator of Cultural Heritage, this is the fourth course on "Preventive Conservation-Reducing Risks to Collections" held by ICCROM, in partnership with the Canadian Conservation Institute and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage.

The course presents the risk management approach to conservation of collections. Risk management can be understood not only as the management of rare catastrophes, but also as the management of slow continual hazards, and everything in between. It becomes an integrated view of all expected damages and losses to collections. The course will review the risk management concept and its various applications in the field of cultural heritage. Participants will learn a practical method of risk assessment of collections in museums and archives, and apply it to a case study. The course will also examine recent research that is necessary for better estimates of risk, and thus for establishing priorities.

The course is an intensive programme combining both theory and practice, through lectures, case studies and practical exercises. High level interaction is encouraged in the course with participants playing an important part.

The course is designed for 20 participants, 10 from Asia and the Pacific region, 10 from China. They are conservators, collection managers, curators, registrars, and other professionals involved in the preservation of cultural heritage, preferably with at least three years of practical working in the field. Preference will be given to candidates who are teaching or are heads of conservation teams. Candidates must submit, with their formal application, a 500-word summary of their experience and the way in which the course relates to their current or future projects.

TEACHING TEAM: CCI, ICCROM, ICN and associated professionals.


COURSE FEE: 900 EUR (Euro)

Participants will be responsible for their round trip travel costs to and from Beijing. In order to cover living costs in Beijing during the course, participants should plan for a minimum total allowance of RMB 8500 (Chinese Yuan). This sum would include the costs of accommodation in moderately priced hotel rooms (which the course organizers will locate for participants). Candidates are strongly encouraged to seek financial support from sources such as governmental institutions, employers and funding agencies. The organizers may be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to selected candidates who have been unable to secure funding .

Please mail the 'Course application form' to the following address, to be used for all correspondence relative to the course:

PC 09 - Collections Unit - ICCROM
13, via di San Michele
Tel (+39) 06 585531 Fax (+39) 06 58553349
E-mail: collections@iccrom.org

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