The Archives of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) Opens to the Public
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The Archives of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) has been established preliminarily after two-year preparation. It is now open to the public and is going to be the major information resources for training, research and communication between WHITR-AP (Shanghai) and other conservation organizations.

There are 280 copies of books in Chinese and 280 copies of books in foreign language in the Archives. Besides, it also collects more than tens of worldwide journals, several conference materials and videos. The amount of books is not that much comparatively, but prior collections are targeted in the specific field of cultural heritage conservation.

In the past two years, the Archives has built long-term relationship with international organizations, such as ICOMOS Documentation Center, Getty Center and institutes in Japan, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Yemen, Bahrain, Chile, Macao(China). WHITR-AP (Shanghai) shares documents, books, journals and materials with these international organizations and institutes to strengthen the academic exchanges.

WHITR-AP (Shanghai) welcomes variety of social groups in different, countries and regions to set up books exchanges programs with the Archives for the mutual benefits. WHITR-AP (Shanghai) also welcomes relevant social group or individuals to visit the Archives and make full use of the resources.

Hopefully in the following years, the Archives realize its goals of becoming a small but specialized information center for research and training of cultural heritage, to meet the basic needs for reference and academic communications for researchers.
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