17th ICOMOS general conference come to an end in Paris, France
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From Nov.27th to Dec3rd 2011, the 17th ICOMOS general conference which last for seven days finally came to an end in Paris, France. The conference adopted the preservation and construction principals of heritage and industrial heritage landscape.

Academic conference themed “heritage, the power of development” was held during the meeting. The conference discussed the status and role which heritage will play in social development in the future. In the context of rapid development of globalization and urbanization, heritage is still regarded as a stumbling block in the way of development. However, as the important coordinates of cultural identity construction and the diversity of human culture, heritage should play a more important role in the future construction of our society. The conference was made up of four sub-forums, their themes are as follows: regional development, development and architecture return, development and tourism and economic development. Professor HAN Feng from Tongji University made a presentation titled space is not empty in the meeting, which won him much praise. Shanghai Center recommended four young clerks to the general conference, all of them had great experiences in the excellent clerk team composed of elites throughout the world.

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