2012 Academic Exchange Meeting for Architectures of Chinese Traditional Drama, Dec. 21-22, Shanghai
From:WHITRAP Shanghai Author:LI Yanning  PublishDate:2012-12-21  Hits:3272

Considering there are a number of researhes regarding to architectures of Chinese traditional drama have been conducted, forcusing on this topic, an academic meeting will be held at WHITRAP Shanghai, Dec. 21-22, 2012. Experts are invited to present at the meeting, sharing experiences on the study of the Chinese traditional theatricals buildings. The contents include the conservation, rearring, inheriting, developing and architectural techniques of the historic heritages. All the references will be collected and edited into a proceeding afterwards.

Contact : Mr. LI Yanning, Email :whitrap.lyn@gmail.com

 Agenda (only Chinese)

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