Side Event on Regional Capacity Building Strategy in Asia and the Pacific Held during the 38th Session of World Heritage Committee
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In the afternoon of 17th June 2014, the side event on Regional Capacity Building Strategy in Asia and the Pacific was held during the 38th Session of World Heritage Committee in Doha, Qatar. More than 50 representatives from State Parties, World Heritage Centre (WHC) and Advisory Bodies were present.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. JING Feng, Director of Asia and the Pacific Unit, WHC. Mr. JING gave a general introduction of the progress on the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting, and on behalf of WHC, he expressed appreciation to WHITRAP of taking the leading role in compiling the Regional Capacity Building Strategy in Asia and the Pacific (the Strategy). He said, ‘the Strategy provides critical support to the implementation of the Periodic Reporting’, and encouraged State Parties and relevant institutes to follow up the associated activities after the Strategy.

Dr. KONG Ping, International Programme Coordinator of WHITRAP, introduced the preparation process and contents of the Strategy. The Strategy emphasizes the way of Involvement, including two round questionnaires and consultation with WHC, Advisory Bodies and regional specialists. Regional recognition is the key element during the preparation. Free exchange between State Parties and Heritage Sector indicates the nature of project requiring openness, cooperation, sharing and win-win. The presentation highlighted logical connection with the three main parts, the analyzing of regional requirements, setting objectives as well as framework, and its associated activities. Besides, it mentioned the lack of information sharing, collaboration of capacity building providers and joint projects in the region. In the end, it described the limitation of the Strategy and possibility of future steps.

Interaction related to the presentation and regional concerns was made by representatives from Indonesia, Korea and Japan. They expressed the intention to join the cooperation and foster the associated activities on the platform. Appreciation was made by participants for WHITRAP’s work. They hope information can be shared and regional collaboration can be enhanced by the initiation of the Strategy.

Documents and decisions related: WHC-14/38.COM/6 p.2& p.6; WHC-14/38.COM/10B, p.1 & p.3
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