WHITRAP Receiving Six-Year Evaluation by UNESCO Experts
  PublishDate:2014-05-29  Hits:2202

An expert panel from UNESCO paid a six-day site visit from May 24 to 29, 2014 to WHITRAP, a category 2 center under the auspices of UNESCO established in 2008 in Tongji University. The on-site evaluation aimed to assess the Institute’s performance with respect to its objectives and functions, as specified in the Agreement between UNESCO and the host Government. The results of this review will be included in a report to be submitted to the Executive Board in the second half of this year, based on which decisions are to be made on whether or not the Agreement will be renewed.

The Secretariat of WHITRAP and WHITRAP Shanghai center started to prepare for the evaluation as early as this February, with a complete review of documents needed and elaborate plan for the field survey. The two experts examined the working documents related to WHITRAP`s activities during their stay in Shanghai, and had a meeting with Vice-president Wu Jiang and other people in charge. In July 25, the experts attended the launching ceremony for Tongli Tuisi Garden demonstration project of water ecology reconstruction in Yangtze River Delta which was hosted by WHITRAP. After 5 days of inspection and interviews, the experts recognized the efforts WHITRAP have done in the past and hoped that more influence would be made in Asia-pacific region in the future.


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