World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop (China) was successfully held at Tulou, Fujian
  PublishDate:2015-02-06  Hits:1737

From 2nd to 6th February, 2015, the World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop (China): Passing the Cultural Message, was held at the world heritage site, Tulou, in Nanjing, Fujian province, 12 of the best young volunteers were chosen from over 100 candidates to participate in this training workshop.
The World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop (China) was jointly hosted by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC), UNESCO Beijing Office, Chinese Society Of Education Training Center (CSETC) and WHITRAP. It aimed to develop the specific skills of young volunteers which can be applied in their activities related to World Heritage in the future, improve their executive ability, and create a international platform for them, through a training course in the professional field, thus making the young volunteers promoters, protectors and inheritors of world heritage, and providing a more effective support for the sustainable development of world heritage.
During the five-day training, the young trainees received courses on the field of world heritage protection, Fujian Tulou, and the theory and technique of communication. They produced a short film on their own concerning Tulou, under the guidance of technical experts in video communication. The film will be shown on the websites of WHC, UNESCO and other relevant organizations, thus interpreting the extraordinary value of the Tulou heritage site through the view of young people, and passing the voice of world heritage protection to the whole world by means of video. This event is a good attempt to advance the further development of world heritage education.


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