The Achievements Exhibition ‘Based on Ancestral Steps & Build up World Glories — 20th Anniversary of Conservation and Administration of Suzhou Gardens’
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On December 4th, 2017, to mark the 20th anniversary of Suzhou Classical Gardens getting world heritage listing, the opening ceremony for the achievements exhibition entitled ‘Based on Ancestral Steps & Build up World Glories — 20th Anniversary of Conservation and Administration of Suzhou Gardens’ was launched at the Suzhou Revolution Museum, sponsored by Suzhou Gardens and Landscaping Bureau and hosted by WHITRAP Suzhou, so as to add youth and brilliance to the ancient gardens and broadcast the influence of China embodied in inflexible constructions.

With the honored attendance of leaders from Suzhou Municipal Government as well as distinguished experts and scholars, the opening ceremony was conducted by WU Chenyu, Director of WHITRAP Suzhou, and an opening speech was delivered by CAO Guangshu, Deputy Director of Suzhou Gardens and Landscaping Bureau, together with a celebration ceremony held for granting Suzhou Revolution Museum as one of its ‘World Heritage Youth Education Base’.


Since the successful World Heritage nomination of Suzhou Gardens within the last two decades, Suzhou has been placing the conservation of the Suzhou Gardens at the core. Through drawing on both internal and external expert knowledge, continuously elevating the concept of protection, and innovative management, Suzhou has gradually developed a method of sustainable development which is applicable to the scientific protection of the classical gardens in Suzhou, and further enhanced the influence and reputation of the Suzhou Gardens. With its theme line set on the conservation and administration achievements since its getting listed into the World Heritage List, the exhibition of ‘20th Anniversary of Conservation and Administration of Suzhou Gardens’ offers a conclusive work review of the previous twenty years’ achievements presented in the following sections, such as garden restoration, heritage conservation, cultural promotion and so on. A multitude of historical pictures and real exhibits were on display. The overall style of the exhibition reveals the features of space layout in Suzhou gardens, mainly through picture-illustrated exhibitions with the assistance of exhibitions like room/hall furniture, Suzhou-school potted plants, cultural and creative products and so on. The purpose is to demonstrate the achievements in a vivid three-dimensional effect.

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The exhibition is held to serve not only as a reflection on the past twenty years’ achievements in heritage conservation and garden administration, as a representation of the integrated conservation and inheritance of Suzhou gardens classified in one group, but also as a vision for the prospect of further protection and sustainable development of Suzhou gardens.

Widespread public attention and high attendance has been attracted by the exhibition since its opening, and news reports have been made by medias such as Xinhua Net, Suzhou Broadcasting Station and so on. Free access is open to the public during its planned one-month exhibition period.

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