Job Vacancy: Professional Graphic Designer
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WHITRAP, the World Heritage Institute for Training and Research in the Asia-Pacific Region, under the auspices of UNESCO, is re-thinking its communication strategy and is re-designing its quarterly Newsletter and Annual Report.
In order to define the brand new visual identity, we ask for a proposal for the graphic design of the new WHITRAP Newsletter and Annual Report to be developed by a qualified Graphic design company/applicant.

Terms of Reference for the design of Newsletter template
The Graphic designer should prepare a document template (In-Design software) according to the following specifications:
- A4 Format
- 16 pages document in color (4 + 12)
- Cover-page (4 pages) in Color with picture and “standard” data (Title, authors, name, address, team, logo, etc.)
- Index
- Bilingual Chinese-English document with space for pictures and schemes/tables
- “Simple”, readable and elegant text design (font, title sizes, graphic layout…)

The template should include:
- Visual layout system
- Construction grid (texts and images)
- Color code
- Typographic code (Chinese and Latin alphabet)

Terms of Reference for the design of Annual Report template
The template for Annual Report is fundamentally similar to the template of Newsletter. Specific requirements for the design of Annual Report template will be discussed (online or at WHITRAP’s Shanghai office) once the application is selected.

Company/Applicant should:
1) Provide a CV of the company/applicant proving their qualifications (applicants are required to have professional educational background in art, graphic design etc., including technical qualifications: diplomas or certificates of merit related to this field).
2) Submit a portfolio of similar documents/projects .
3) Make a financial offer for the realization of:
- Three preliminary layout schemes for Newsletter (alternative options), two preliminary layout schemes for Annual Report.
- One finalized template for Newsletter and one finalized template for Annual Report for the “selected” options.

Deadline of the submission: 17:00 December 12th, 2017
Applications should be submitted in digital form to the following e-mail address: whitrap.secretariat@yahoo.com

WHITRAP will review the offers and select the winning company/applicant by December 15th. The selected company/applicant will submit the three schematic options of Newsletter and two schematic options of Annual Report based upon the data provided by WHITRAP by December 21st, 2017.

Following a discussion with the client (online or at WHITRAP’s Shanghai office), the selected company/applicant will finalize the template of Newsletter by December 28th 2017 and finalize the template of Annual Report by Jan 15th 2018.


Attached to the proposal are:



- Previous versions of the Newsletter (PDF format) and Annual Report

 2017 Annual Report

 Newsletter No.20

 Newsletter No.21

 Newsletter No.26

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