Nominated Cases of the Global Call for Innovative Case Studies on World Heritage Education
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    The nominated cases of Global World Heritage Education Innovation Cases (26 in total) are announced below:

    1.Cangdong Field Research and Learning Bootcamp on Cultural Heritage Preservation(China)

    2.Carrying World Cultural Heritage with China's 100-meter Silk Long Scroll, preparing to build the China World Heritage Picture Scroll Museum(China)

    3.China-French Built Heritage Conservation Voluntary Workcamp(China-French)

    4.Community Participation in Management and Monitoring Processes on the Island of Mozambique through the Use of Social Networking(Mozambique)

    5.Cultural Heritage in General Education Curriculum: Writing and Communication Course in Tsinghua University(China)

    6.Explore the Humanities and Art in Shaanxi, Feel the beauty of Guanzhong Culture and Art(China)

    7.France-Saint Emilion: The Little Ambassadors(France)

    8.Future of World Heritage Education in Myanmar(Myanmar)

    9.Henan Model United Nations Conference(China)

    10.Inheritance and development of national folklore knowledge learning media collaborative innovation circle-MUBCC(China)

    11.Innovative Education Case in Schools(China)

    12.Innovative education of Architectural Heritage: from university curriculum to community people(China)

    13.International Dialogue Online Course(China)

    14.Liaocheng section of Grand Canal Heritage Conservation Engineering Education(China)

    15.Nan Tou City Heritage Education(China)

    16.Research on Heritage in Burkina Faso and Moroco(Burkina Faso and Morocco)

    17.Shanghai Hengfu Historical Landscape on Campus(China)

    18.Smart Village through Indigenous Knowledge and Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa(South Africa)

    19.The Development and Application of Shunde Local Music Textbook(China)

    20.The Practice of World Heritage Youth Education by Teams of Teachers and Students in Universities——Taking the Practice of "Heritage Podcast" by North University of Technology as an Example(China)

    21.The Training and Practice Program on Preventive Conservation of Cultural Heritage Based on Public Involvement(China)

    22.To Make World Heritage Alive(China)

    23.Wuhan Youth Crossover Forum(China)

    24.Young Protectors of World Heritage - Student's Association Construction and Practical Innovation in Patrimonito(China)

    25.“YEU - Youth engagement in UNESCO designated sites.Empowering youth towards sustainable development" online workshop(Italy)

    26.Youth Sanxingdui——Sanxingdui online heritage education course(China)

    (in alphabetical order)

Edited by: Zhang Yiyang

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