Plant Pest and Disease Control in Suzhou Gardens
Release date :2022-01-01 Views: 523
Since 2022, WHITRAP has held four training sessions on plant pest and disease control in Suzhou classical gardens through online and offline methods. More than 100 people attended the training, including plant protection personnel from various garden management offices, scenic spot management offices and some units of the Suzhou Garden List.

The training was conducted by teachers from Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture, who delivered detailed lectures to the participants on the findings of each garden plant pest and disease in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and instructed the maintenance units on pruning, weeding, fertilizing and other maintenance work in the high-temperature season. It aimed to reduce the overwintering index of pests and diseases in the low-temperature season, and strengthen the control of classical garden plant pests and diseases in winter with specific prevention and control strategies such as deep turning and loosening of soil, trunk whitening and removal of diseased leaves. Adhering to the principle of prevention-oriented and integrated control, the key pests and diseases will be controlled to lay a good foundation for the next stage of pest and disease control and reduce the impact of pests and diseases on the plant landscape.

After each training theoretical class, a garden was selected to conduct field guidance on the control of typical diseases of the season. Through the combination of theory and practice, the interaction with the trainees was enhanced, making their understanding of pests and diseases more intuitive and profound. Detailed answers were also given to the problems encountered by the trainees in their work.
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