Training on Pest Control in Suzhou
Release date :2021-05-13 Views: 223

On the afternoon of May 13th, WHITRAP, together with Suzhou Tongli International Tourism Company, held the first training course on pest control for Suzhou classical gardens in 2021 in South Tourist Center of Tongli Ancient Town. More than 60 personnel on plant conservation from related heritage gardens and scenic spots participated in the training.

During the training, the organizer invited Ms. Chen Juan from Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture to explain in detail the results of the first phase of this year's survey on plant diseases and pests to the trainees. The survey analyzed the cases of plant diseases and insect pests such as aphid and osmanthus gall mite, introduced the related control agents and their application techniques, and proposed some relevant suggestions on the comprehensive control at the present stage, which guided the identification and control of plant diseases and insect pests in the current season in the gardening scenic spots. The essential principle is "prevention first and comprehensive ecological prevention and control".

Following the lecture, a session for the specific prevention and control guidance of plant diseases in Tuisi Garden and Gengle Hall were organized. The combination of theoretical and practical modules reinforced the interactions between trainees to enable a more intuitive understanding of pests and diseases.

The training was well-received among the participants and we hope that the center will continue to provide further research and service on plant pest control, as well as more professional and practical references and technical guidance for landscape plant protection.
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