Held "2020 Asia-Pacific Senior Talent Seminar on Conservation and Restoration Technology of Ancient Buildings"
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In order to promote the exchange of heritage protection talents in the Asia-Pacific region, the Center and Xi 'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University jointly held the "2020 Asia-Pacific Senior Talent Seminar on Conservation and Restoration Technology of Ancient Buildings and the Classical Garden Talent Seminar in the Yangtze River Delta Region" on December 5th and 12th. The workshop focuses on the conservation of built heritage and local sustainable development -- the history and methods of Suzhou garden research as well as its heritage values and dimensions, and conducts innovative offline and online training.

From anhui, zhejiang, jiangsu, henan, fujian, yunnan, shaanxi, shanxi, tianjin and other regions of the 30 students and faculty team of British, Italian and Chinese experts carry out interaction, from the study of the jiangnan gardens and the link between the heritage status as the breakthrough point, discusses the history of the landscape heritage value composition and contemporary cognitive, explore the jiangnan garden heritage as local cultural Renaissance strategy. The course mainly includes lectures, case analysis, field visit, field operation, course discussion, etc. The teachers led the students to visit the Lingering Garden, Huqiu Mountain Scenic Spot, The Master of Nets Garden, Art Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden, Yi Garden, Huanxiu Villa, Canglang Pavilion and other world cultural heritage sites. Through in-depth research and focused thematic discussion and interaction, the heritage value, design concept and daily protection and management of gardens in the south of the Yangtze River were comprehensively and specifically understood.

The efficient, convenient and diversified organization of communication across regional and time constraints has effectively promoted the sharing and dialogue of academic research during the epidemic period, which is in line with the cultural and educational concepts of UNESCO, and fully demonstrates the positive role of Suzhou gardens in the coordinated cultural development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

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