Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage and World Geoparks science popularization training class for tutors
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August 18 and 21, in order to further enhance the awareness of the social from all walks of life to wulingyuan heritage value, strengthen the natural world heritage popular science education, to cultivate local studies teacher reserve strength, enhance the level of explanation and interpretation of the world heritage and development with heritage value as the core of high quality tourism products, hunan zhangjiajie wulingyuan district government and the center jointly held a three-day "wulingyuan world natural heritage and world geological park studies teacher training course".Training will be divided into three parts, the first part is on August 18, wulingyuan district primary and secondary school teachers, tour guides, tourism practitioners, the scenic area enterprise staff, heritage site managers and the villagers' representatives of popular science lectures, a total of 92 students listened to lectures, is the first time in recent years, large-scale world heritage for guides, tourism operators and the villagers popular science lectures; The second part was the selection of World Heritage Research Tutor on August 20th. A total of 30 students participated in the interview, mainly from Wulingyuan District Tourism Vocational School, Suoxi Central School, Geological Museum, Tour Guide Association and Zhangjiajie Scenic Area Tourism Service Center. The third part is on August 21, world heritage studies teacher orientation training, in huangshi, beaten par, xiangxi diaojiao building scene interactive teaching, 30 students have said the directional training to refresh their understanding of the original studies, on popular science education, guiding students to foster and improve the wulingyuan district studies products have great help.

The successful completion of the training activity of the research tutor was attributed to the strong support of the Forestry Bureau of Wulingyuan District and the full participation of students from all walks of life.Center in close communication with the students deep understanding of the studies in wulingyuan may face challenges and difficulties, to understand the local tourism practitioners thoughts and aspirations, wulingyuan inquiry learning activities for the future development laid a solid foundation, at the same time, the training for the wulingyuan also planted the seeds of an "inquiry learning", will be a different from the traditional tourism development model to wulingyuan, for the future development of wulingyuan opens a new window.

Future, the center will continue in the wulingyuan to carry out research study activities, cultivating the first research study mentor, promote the wulingyuan world natural heritage and world address park ambassadors and other activities, the wulingyuan symbol of popular science education, rural and community coordinated, the ongoing studies in the fall to the ground and development of wulingyuan, stability and steady implementation of the world heritage wulingyuan scenic area of sustainable tourism development strategy.

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