Suzhou garden plant pest control training
Release date :2020-08-28 Views: 275

For strengthening the protection of world cultural heritage of suzhou classical garden plants seasonal, August 28, in the afternoon, the center for the garden management group has launched in 2020, the second phase of the suzhou classical garden plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control training, from the heritage landscape management, scenic area management office and part of the list of suzhou gardens unit management, plant protection and full-time staff more than 50 people attended the training.

Suzhou center invited jiera suzhou agricultural vocational college teachers, the students in detail about the garden plant diseases and insect pests in the second stage of the results of the survey, through case analysis and explanation of a large number of research to guide the landscape in the quarter, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests identification and seize the pest control are emphasized in the critical period, can play the twice the result with half the effort.

After the lecture, targeted prevention and treatment of the diseases on the plants in the Lingering Garden were given. All units highly recognize the guiding role of this training, and hope that the organizers can continue to deepen the research and service work in plant disease and insect control, to provide more professional and practical reference materials and technical guidance for garden plant protection.

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