Training course on Conservation and Development of Historic Cities and Towns
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World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO, Shanghai Centre (WHITRAP, Shanghai)


Tongji National Research Center of Historic CitiesShanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute


Shanghai Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation ObjectivesAt the conclusion of the course, participants will have a better understanding of both the objective of conserving historic cities and towns and the relationship between cultural heritage protection and urban development. The course also aims to equip professionals from heritage sites with knowledge of academic theories, policies, laws and regulations relevant to management, and practical skills of editing, approving, demonstrating and implementing the conservation plan of historic cities and towns.

Target Audiences

The course is open to engineers and professionals with at least three years of experience actively involved in the cultural heritage management, particular for those working at World Heritage sites (including sites inscribed in both cultural and natural heritage lists), world cultural heritage sites in tentative list, or administrations in charge of historic cities/towns/villages at all levels (Planning Bureau, Construction Bureau, Administration of Cultural Heritage, Tourism Administration, Heritage office, etc.)


Focusing on “historic towns and cities”, the course unit will be divided into several parts as follows:

1. Conservation Principles and the Up-To-Date Development at Home and Abroad; (2 class hours)

2 Preservation Planning for Historical Cities; (3 class hours)

3.Value Assessment of Cultural Heritage; (3 class hours)

4. Protection and Reutilization of Historic Buildings (3 class hours) or Restoration Techniques of Historic Buildings; (3 class hours)

5. Policies and Protection Experience; (3 class hours)

6. The Conservation and Development of the Historic Areas in Shanghai (3 class hours) or the Conservation and Reutilization of Shanghai Industrial Architecture; (3 class hours)

7. Planning and Practice of Zhu JiaJiao Ancient Town; (3 class hours)

8. Sustainable Tourism in Heritage Sites (3 class hours) or the Preservation and Development of Historic Cultural Landscape; (3 class hours)

9. Multilateral Cooperation and Public Participation; (3 class hours)

10. Multilateral Practice in Preservation; (3 class hours)

11. Site Visit of Shanghai Industrial Heritage Reutilization; (8 class hours)

12. Field work, Case Analysis and Discussion on Zhu JiaJiao Ancient Town; (14 class hours)

13. Case Studies and Discussion on Representatives Sites; (3 class hours)

Teaching Team

Teaching staff will be composed of recognized heritage conservation professionals having both practical and theoretical experience and knowledge in training from WHITRAP (Shanghai), Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute, China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, and other heritage conservation institutes. Specialty

-small-scale courses and cross-department trainees

-completely course structure (including topic lectures, case discussion and field work)

-integration of theory with practice and pay more attention to the latter

Enrollment scale

15 to 20 participants


April 16-24, 2012

Duration: 9 days

Enrollment date: April 15th


World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region, Shanghai Centre (WHITRAP, Shanghai)Address: 3rd Floor Wen Yuan Building, 1239 Siping Rd., Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, P.R. China


A report concerning historic cities and towns conservation of the region you come from should be prepared by participants and presented during the course of “conservation cases of different places” (Presenting via PPT or materials) Besides, trainees shall form in study groups to conduct research during field work and present the result in a research paper which will be assessed by the experts invited by the center.Certificate of AttendanceParticipants will receive a Certificate of Attendance after evaluation by WHITRAP Shanghai.

Course fee

7500 RMB (including 4500 RMB for tuition fee and 3000 RMB for accommodation, self-arrangement is allowed)The above fee will cover living expenses (standard double room / suite for two of three-star hotel/guesthouse), training, cost of documents and papers, transportation (during field work), meals (during field work), translation, and site tickets. Participants will be responsible for their round trip travel costs to and from Shanghai and meals out of field work.ScholarshipTrainees are encouraged to apply for funds from their local government, working companies and social foundations to ensure regular participation in this training course. Those who are qualified for this course after evaluation while unable to participate due to financial condition will be offered scholarship by “Shanghai Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation” to cover his/her tuition fee.

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Please log on the website www.whitr-ap.org, fill out the Application Form and send it by Email to whitrap.training@gmail.com. It is also necessary to make a phone call to contactor (phone number listed below) to ensure the completion of application.Application deadline: March 15, 2012


Ms. Liu Zhen

Tel: + 86 21 65987687 ext. 8003/13816593421

Email: whitrap.training@gmail.com

website: www.whitr-ap.org


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