WHITRAP Training Course on the Conservation and Management of the Cultural Routes in the Asia-Pacific Region
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 Application Deadline: October 20, 2015

Main Organizer
World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region
under the auspices of UNESCO (Beijing)

Sponsor and Undertaker
Huangze Temple Museum in Gunangyuan City
Mianyang Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication
Chengdu Relic Information Consultation Center


Cultural Relics Bureau of Sichuan Province



Brief Background to the Training Course:

Linear heritages and cultural routes are important heritage types. They are typically found in a linear arrangement, reflect cultural communication and interaction, and span over relatively long period and large space, such that they present particular challenges in their conservation and management. There are several major linear heritages and cultural routes in the Asia-Pacific Region and some of them were already listed in the World Heritage List, including Mountain Railways of India (1999,2005,2008), Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range (2004), Land of Frankincense (2000), Silk Roads: the Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor (2014), The Grand Canal(2014), and the Chinese government is in the process of preparing for the nomination of the Sichuan Road. With the goal to promote the world heritage application for linear heritage and cultural route, and to strengthen the conservation and management of this specific heritage type, WHITRAP is proposing to organize a Training Course on the Conservation and Management of cultural routes in the Asia-pacific Region in Sichuan Province in China in the autumn 2015, basing on the successful experience of the sub-Forum of Beijing Forum 2014-the Silk Road in the Past and Present: Dialogue, Communication and Cooperation among the cultures.


Course Contents:

- The course is aimed at promoting communication and interaction among numerous heritage sites, and encourage the nomination of linear heritages and cultural routes, while strengthen the conservation and management of this specific heritage type. We invite acknowledged experts in the domain of cultural heritage and other relevant disciplines to share their experiences. Contents of the course include theories and case-study of cultural routes, such as the identification of concepts, research methods, and related measures of conservation and management. The course will provide scientific guidance for the conservation of cultural routes in Asia and Pacific Region. Besides, attendees will have a deep insight of The Sichuan Road of China, studying the cultural routes from a professional perspective with the guidance of experts.

 Some course name below:

 Cultural Routes Conservation and International Cooperation

 Conservation Practice of Cultural Routes in the Asia and the Pacific Region

 Research Methods of Historical Geography of Communication

 Fieldwork and Properties Identification on Cultural Routes

 Cultural Routes Managing Practice

 Cultural Routes Conservation Plan

 Cultural Routes Presentation Design

 Case Study: the Silk Road

 Introduction of the Sichuan Road

 Ideas about Conservation and Utilization of the Sichuan Road Properties

 Cultural Routes: the Bonds between the History and the Present, China and the World

 And serious on-site teaching along the Sichuan Road


- Date: November 5-14, 2015, including 6-day indoor teaching and 2-day field trip.

- LocalityGuangyuan, Mianyang, Chengdu in Sichuan Province.

- Working Language: English



Certificate of participation of the WHITRAP Asia-Pacific Region Training on Cultural Routes Conservation and Management, Sichuan, China, 5-14 November 2015. Participants are requiring assisting to all of the lectures and Sessions of the training course.


Course Fee:

The organizers will cover the accommodations and local transportations from November 6 to 13, 2015 in Sichuan Province during this training, but the travel to Sichuan Province from your home/work locality and living costs during this travel will not be covered, should be paid by attendees themselves or the attendees’ institute (Asia Heritage Personnel working in developing countries may apply transportation allowance from the WHITRAP-Beijing, more information marked in the application form).



Preference will be given to applicants working in the sites along Cultural Routes in Asia-Pacific Region

Please Complete the attached application form and send it together with the following materials by email to the contact below

- Framework of Research on Cultural Routes Conservation and Management (Your Technology Roadmap)

- Motivation letter

- CV


Application Deadline:

20 October 2015

Announcement of the participants selected will send to the personal email of applicants within the next three days after the deadline.



Email is encouraged. All correspondence concerning the above course should be addressed to English to: shangchenwen@pku.edu.cn


Special Remarks

Faculty and international trainees gathering on November 4, 2015 at Peking University, No.5 Yiheyuan Road Haidian district, Beijing, P. R. China. (TBD)

Domestic participants reporting on November 5, 2015 in Guangyuan city of Sichuan Province, P. R. China. (TBD)

We will timely inform the participants selected more accurate information about this Training Course.




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