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From:WHITRAP Shanghai Author:YU Liqing  PublishDate:2011-10-25  Hits:5944
Column Title: If the walls could talk

Editor’s notes:
The first time I entered the Louvre, stepping on shallow marble steps, the figure of a French royal family and their courtiers floated into my mind. Back and forth they walked, love and hatred vividly on display as the palace looked on in silence. Even the most knowledgeable of historians would appear far less informed then the palace walls. Later, as I walked beside the Imperial Palace city wall, strolled along the Bund, or travelled through the damaged ruins of the ancient city, every building and site beckoned me to stop and gaze. Every brick and stone, every shutter and tree, all reminded me of the people and stories of the past that had used them, changed them, buried them or rediscovered them. Through the presence of what these lives had touched, they touched the present.

Walls, fallen or standing, gain their life though the passage of generations and carry their own traces of the past. If the walls could talk, what would they tell us? Everything may be gone with the wind, sweeping away all trace and sound, but if we have an eye that can discover, a heart that is delicate and sensitive and have the patience for tracing the past, the silence may be heard.





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