Press Conference Regarding Key Projects and Events by Host City on Cultural Heritage Day Held in Beijing
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In order to aquatint the public with the recent progress in cultural heritage and the schedule of activities for this year’s Cultural Heritage Day, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, together with Shangdong Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and Jining Municipal Government, held a briefing on May 24th in Beijing.

Dong Baohua, deputy director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, chaired the event and delivered a short speech. According to him, “Cultural Heritage and Better Life”, the theme of Cultural Heritage Day this year suggested that conserving cultural heritage, as a public cause, was closely related to people’s daily life and played a crucial part on our way to happy life. It not only facilitates the enrichment of people’s cultural life, but also goes in line with the goal of building a well-off society and improving the moral standards of the whole society. The free museum admission launched since 2008 is a good example in this regard. The people-friendly move helped to integrate museums into the daily cultural life, unleashing its serving-function and social benefits as a public cultural facility. As a result, a visit to the museum becomes an ideal way for the folks to kill their spare time and enjoy the elegance of arts, with a beneficial cultural experience in this palace of knowledge and art. As a common symbol of a country and nation, cultural heritages representing by grand sites of relics, historic cultural towns, villages and street blocks, as well as precious relics collections in cultural institutes, serves as living witnesses to the five-thousand civilization of Chinese nation, and thus presents the tangible basis of the spiritual sanctuary, the source of the nation cohesion to build a harmonious society, and the perpetual driving force of the onward march of the Chinese nation in the new age. “Cultural Heritage and Happy Life” approaches cultural heritage as a livelihood issue that concerns the whole nation, as the cultural basis of a prosperous country and a happy nation.

Li Yaoshen, the spokesman of State Administration of Cultural Heritage and Director-General of Department of Policies and Regulations, focused on next steps of the work in cultural heritage. He pointed out that efforts would be made to fulfill the following tasks in 2011, the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”: (1) completing “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan On National Cultural Relics and Museum” and other plans for specific projects, mapping out strategic tasks, development goals and major projects for the next five years; (2) completing the third national cultural relics survey, pressing ahead with conservation and archaeological excavation of relics and key tasks in world cultural heritage; (3) pushing forward the construction and free admission of museums, improving management system of cultural relics; (4) intensifying the scientific and technological research on conserving relics, promoting educational training in this regard; (5) strengthening legislation for cultural relics, improving the security mechanism and the oversight of law enforcement. In addition, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the CPC and 60th of peaceful liberation of Tibet, special publicity will be extensively conducted to promote the conservation of cultural heritage.

Liu Chengwen, member of CPC standing committee and Director of the Jining Municipal Propaganda Department introduced the schedule of 2011 Cultural Heritage Day in this host city, which are hosted by State Administration of Cultural Heritage and Shangdong Provincial Government, organized by Shangdong Provincial Culture Department, Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and Jining Municipal Government. The celebration events on the day include the release of 2010 top ten list of new archaeological discoveries and the 3rd National Historic Cultural Streets and their plague granting ceremony, the work exhibition of national crack-down on relics robbery, signature collection for conserving cultural heritage, intangible heritage exhibitions and groundbreaking ceremony for archaeological remains park of Nanwang Water-division Project. Besides, the Jining city, which has long been praised as “the Hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the Land of Proprieties”, will also take the occasion to present its features by work exhibition on conserving cultural heritage in Shandong Province and the show of Jining’s canal culture, and the launching ceremony of World bank loan project for Shandong Confucius and Mencius Cultural Heritage : the completion of the Fusheng Palace in the Yan Confucian Temple, Qufu, Jining, and so on.
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