WHITRAP Coordination Meeting in Suzhou, China
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Under the call of WHITRAP Secretariat, WHITRAP Beijing, WHITRAP Shanghai and WHITRAP Suzhou convened in Suzhou where the 2017 Coordination Meeting of three centres took place on the morning of September 9th, 2017. The representatives who attended the conference were: ZHOU Jian, Director of WHITRAP Shanghai, LI Xin, Deputy Secretary General of WHITRAP Secretariat, LU Wei, Executive Vice-Director of WHITRAP Shanghai, Wu Chenyu, Director of WHITRAP Suzhou, and WEN Cheng, Representative of WHITRAP Beijing. At the conference, representatives of the three centres respectively summarised their work in the first half of the year, proposed future strategies, and discussed the development of new collaborative innovation project. After the conference, Mr. ZHOU Jiagui, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese National Commission of UNESCO, and the officials had a symposium on the development of WHITRAP. Mr. Zhou positively appraised WHITRAP’s past performance. He praised notably the continued upholding of high standards, the advancement in the collaboration between the three centres, and WHITRAP’s ability to play a more influential role in China, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world.

1三中心会议现场 左:闻丞、周俭、李昕 右:陆伟、吴琛瑜

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