The ACCU International Exchange Program
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Birdview of Shirakawa-go


Horyu-ji Temple

From 12th to 22nd Nov. 2007, Ms Kong (Director of Project Unit of WHITR-AP, Shanghai) took part in the ACCU International Exchange Program “Training of Young Leaders in Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia and Pacific 2007” in Japan. The program offered a precious opportunity to experience Japanese culture and develop a mutual understanding with the other eight participants from different backgrounds. This program also strengthens the cooperative relationship between WHITR-AP (Shanghai) and ACCU in the field of cultural heritage conservation.

The program is composed of selected lectures given by Japanese experts, site-visits of Japanese World Heritage sites as well as distinguished museums and institutes, which not only deepened the knowledge on cultural heritage conservation from both intangible and tangible perspectives, but also visualized the concept of Japanese traditional culture and offered deep insight to appreciate differences.

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